Watch: Ryne Sandberg Talks Cubs, Pepsi Cherry on Top Sweepstakes

I fell in love with the Cubs just like most fans of a certain age, watching or listening to them on WGN. Not that I had much of a choice since my elders were Cubs fans and growing up in the country meant Channel 9 and 720 AM were among the only options we had for news and entertainment. Some of my fondest memories of those summer afternoons consist of drinking Pepsi out of glass bottles and eating Saltine crackers on my Grandpap’s living room carpet while watching the Cubs.

That’s the reason I’m running this site and it’s why my son is named after one of the ballplayers who captured and held my attention for the better part of two decades. So when I was approached with an opportunity to interview Ryne Sandberg as part of a sweepstakes promotion Pepsi is doing in conjunction with the Cubs for their Wild Cherry flavors, you can probably guess it didn’t take me long to accept.

See below for contest details and then check out the interview to hear Ryno’s thoughts on the Cubs, building a winning team from a bad one, and overcoming struggles as a young player.

Pepsi is celebrating the most dedicated Cubs fans by putting a cherry on top of their gameday experience with a chance to watch a game from a suite with Cubs legend Ryne Sandberg, win exclusive gameday tickets, and party at a pop-up event at Gallagher Way.

Thirty fans and one grand prize winner will be randomly selected to win a set of game tickets on July 16 or July 17. Winners will also be able to attend the Pepsi Cherry On Top pre-game event at Gallagher Way on July 16 with Ryne Sandberg, or on July 17. Both events will be open to all gameday ticketholders, so be sure to check them out even if you don’t win.

Starting June 29 and running through July 10, fans can enter the sweepstakes on Twitter by telling Pepsi what would put a cherry on top of your Wrigley Field experience using hashtag #PepsiCherryOnTopSweepstakes and tagging @Pepsi.

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