Cubs Could Replace Yankees in Field of Dreams Game, Which Is Apparently Still Scheduled

Hey, Grandpa Rossy…wanna have a catch?

It seems a little strange to be considering the matter of one-off gimmick games when the season itself is in question, but here we are. The London Series was canceled a while back and the All-Star Game is almost certainly out of the question, but MLB is apparently still planning to hold the Field of Dreams Game between the White Sox and Yankees on August 13. Heck, they shared a video of the site’s continued construction on their IG page earlier in the week.

As others have already suggested, the proposed limit to intra- and cross-division play means it makes all kinds of sense for the Cubs to replace the Yankees if the game is actually played. That idea gained at least a little bit of credence when Talkin’ Jake of several different “Talkin” offshoots from the exploding Jomboy Media family took to Twitter to say that the Cubs were the most likely team to replace the Yankees.

This doesn’t sound like much more than speculation and the delivery of the Run DMC line made me cringe, but it’s a thing that was on the internet so it must be true. There is, however, a little problem with this whole idea that goes beyond just the myriad unknowns about the season.

What I’m driving at is that, while the Cubs and White Sox are both a lot closer to Dyersville, Iowa than the Yankees, you’re still talking about a 200-mile hike for two teams from the same city. If the whole idea of the revised schedule is to limit travel, why would MLB do something to create more? I suppose it’s one of those feel-good things into which the league has already invested too much money to scuttle just yet.

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