Quantifying Hope: Cubs’ 6% Playoff Odds Are Lowest in Division

The Cubs were at 12% playoff odds the last time we checked, but losing two out of every three games has a way of lowering your chances. As such, those odds are now the lowest in the division at a mere 6.1% heading into the weekend series with the Angels. Even a sweep may not get the Cubs back to double digits as they sit well out of both the NL Central and the Wild Card races.

Only six teams in the Senior Circuit boast winning records as of this writing, yet the Cubs are still six games behind the worst of those. In the interest of remaining positive for at least the next few days, it’s in the organization’s best interest to stay near the back of the pack and collect as high a draft pick as possible.

This is more about posterity than anything since there’s not much else to say about the Cubs right now, so I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July and still have all your fingers intact. Here’s to a series win more relaxing baseball over the next few days

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