Chicago Cubs Lineup (7/4/24): Don’t You Have Anything Better to Do?

In the interest of maintaining a level of positivity this weekend, I’ll just say thank God this is an afternoon game on a holiday so we can all have our evenings free even if we subject ourselves to watching this team. The Cubs are hot, wet trash and any hope of a turnaround has long since been put out on the curb. Or maybe Jed Hoyer prefers the compost pile since all the answers have to be internal.

There’s been a lot of internal bleeding this season, with a litany of injuries, underperformance, and mental errors leading to almost daily disappointment. The stench of mediocrity is going to hang around for a while if team leadership maintains its course, which has apparently been plotted with no real destination in mind. I don’t doubt the front office wants to win, though I question whether they see success as a byproduct of intelligent spending.

Unless they’re willing to deviate from that strategy, and Hoyer’s pedigree shows zero indication they are, the only hope is for nearly every top prospect to hit immediately. Or ownership could choose to move in a different direction entirely, which is becoming a more popular sentiment all the time.

Sorry, I was supposed to avoid all the downer talk. To that end, I’m positive the Cubs are playing a game this afternoon and I feel really good about their potential to lose to the Phillies again. First pitch is scheduled for 1:20pm CT on Marquee and 670 The Score, but there’s supposed to be a little rainfall in the late morning/early afternoon. We know how much Craig Counsell hates rain delays and postponements, so let’s hope the precipitation is minimal.

Here’s the lineup in case anyone cares. At least Craig Counsell is trying something different with Patrick Wisdom batting second at first base and David Bote playing third. I mean, it’s a little odd to sit your best hitter when the offense sucks, but sometimes a temporary change is a good thing.

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