Chicago Cubs Lineup (7/3/24): SSDD, Imanaga Starting

I’m only doing a post out of obligation since I really don’t have anything to say about this team right now. Not to mention it’s just same shit, different day with the lineup. My plan for the long holiday weekend is to maintain very low expectations and find positives where I can in order to recalibrate and come back next week with a fresh perspective. That’s the hope, anyway.

Wednesday’s game looks like a great pitching matchup on paper, with Shota Imanaga facing Zack Wheeler. The only problem is that one offense stands head and shoulders above the other even with multiple regulars on the IL. Wheeler has always done a good job of limiting homers, though he has a tendency to fall apart every once in a while. That is also true for Imanaga, as we’ve seen a couple times.

This could be quite a battle if both starters are on point, but it’ll get lopsided in a hurry if either is off their game. We’ll find out at 7:05pm CT on Marquee and 670 The Score.

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