Chicago Cubs Lineups (3/22/24): Steele, Assad Starting for Split Squads

  1. This is going to be another of those abnormally brief lineup posts because I’m actually out here in Arizona and currently heading to the home half of the split-squads contests. My flight out here was delayed by over four hours, so I got out around 1:30am ET and might be even less sharp than usual. Between that and March Madness, I figure we can all get by without much detail on these games.

Justin Steele is starting at Sloan Park in what should be his final tuneup before Opening Day, so at least that provides reason to watch. Javier Assad starts against the Giants in Scottsdale as he too prepares for at least a temporary rotation spot.

Both games start at 3:05pm CT and the home half will be broadcast on Marquee Sports Network.

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