Now We’ve Got Mark McGwire in Cubs Gear

The Cubs have embraced one member of the 1998 home run race, just not the one who competed for them. Not long after former Cardinals icon Yadier Molina was photographed wearing a Cubs hat and shirt, Mark McGwire was spotted in Cubs gear on the Sloan Park backfields. As you have probably already discerned, he was there to support his son, Mason McGwire, a pitching prospect in the organization.

It’s still pretty jarring even with the context, especially since Sammy Sosa remains persona non grata according to ownership. Ironically enough, however, Sosa will actually be in Chicago this weekend for what is being billed as his “first-ever public autograph show appearance” as part of Chicago Sports Spectacular. Weird stuff, man.

Here’s a clearer image and a little more context from Rich Biesterfeld, who gets tremendous shots at Sloan during spring training and the rest of the year.

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