Cheap Nickname for Nico Hoerner, Dansby Swanson Hits Different Following Owner’s Recent Comments

The Cubs no longer have Bryzzo, but their middle-infield combo has worked out a new nickname that gained a ton of traction online Tuesday afternoon. That was due mainly to timing, as Tom Ricketts spoke to the media on Monday about needing more revenue in order to increase payroll. So what are Hoerner and Swanson calling themselves?

Nickel and Dimes.

Man, talk about being a little too on the nose. I’m not sure if it’s a complete coincidence or if they’re just doing a little god-tier trolling, but jokes have been made aplenty either way. We’ll know things have gone completely off the rails if Pete Crow Armstrong starts going by P¢A the Cubs change their new slogan, which was highly unfortunate in and of itself, to “You Have to ¢ It.”

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