The Rundown: Cubs Need More to Take NL Central, More Farm System Acclaim, White Sox Players Rallying Against Poor Projections

Can the Cubs win the NL Central with the roster as it currently sits, or are further additions necessary? Believe it or not, they’re almost there. The North Siders are expected to win 80-81 games per FanGraphs, while the Cardinals project to 83-84 wins. The Brewers sit between the two, with an expected outcome of 81-82 victories. As a reminder, four of the top 10 free agents are still unsigned.

The offseason has moved like ice melting from the frozen spigot on the side of your house, but eventual agreements for Cody Bellinger, Matt Chapman, Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery will change that. The problem is that each player has seen few or no offers to motivate a signing. The options for Bellinger and Chapman are rapidly dwindling, however, and one can make a case that the Cubs are the only match available for each. Montgomery could be an option for Chicago, too.

It’s not tough to imagine that Jed Hoyer and Scott Boras have sized each other up and down to the tiniest details while waiting for the other to flinch. Hoyer knows he needs to add 5-7 wins, and Boras wants him to pay his rate to purchase said wins. Unfortunately, neither is anywhere near to commencing the game of phone tag that accompanies contract negotiations. Signing any or all three of Chapman, Bellinger, and Montgomery will also put the Cubs into play as trade partners. Perhaps Hoyer can ask Boras for a multi-player discount, the same way normal folks like us bundle our cell phone, ISP, and cable contracts.

The Cubs won 83 games last season and would have made the playoffs if not for an epic September choke job. Nobody should be happy with a potentially middling ’24, especially Craig Counsell. Bellinger and Chapman are worth about 9-10 combined wins, and Montgomery an additional four. You must also factor in that values for other players like Christopher Morel, for example, would diminish with reduced at-bats. Then again, Bellinger and Chapman will make the other starters theoretically better while the uptick in defense gives the pitching staff a huge boost. The addition of either or both should make the Cubs division favorites.

But Hoyer has said repeatedly that he uses his own projection model, one that is likely a little more favorably skewed, which therefore reduces the urgency to strike deals outside his financial comfort zone. He probably believes his team is already the top divisional dog, and that’s not a very radical construct. The Cardinals rebuilt their rotation with three strong regression candidates and the Brewers have made fringe acquisitions other than Rhys Hoskins. They’ll probably trade Corbin Burnes before the season ends, and their bullpen might suffer from an increased workload and the loss of Counsell’s managerial acumen.

Free agency aside, Hoyer probably has additional irons in the fire. He’s often said he won’t wait on any particular player so he likely has options available none of us would imagine. Regardless, it’s difficult to ignore the fits Bellinger, Chapman, and, to a lesser extent, Montgomery could provide.

It’s easy and a little bit lazy to say Hoyer should just pay for what he needs and move on. That’s where he differs from Theo Epstein. Instead, the current president of baseball operations sits like Patience on a monument, ignoring our grief. It takes heavy stones to remain oblivious to the barbarians gathering at the gate, but for better or worse, Hoyer is shouldering his legacy with this iteration of Cubs baseball.

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  • “We had done a lot of work on [Imanaga]. It got really serious towards the end of the [posting] window. I just think that’s the nature of having a deadline. There’s a reason trades happen on July 28 to July 31. We knew this would kind of come down to the end.” – Hoyer

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