Christopher Morel Reportedly Mentioned in Tyler Glasnow Trade Talks, Cubs Discussing Options with Rhys Hoskins

I wrote on Monday that there’s no way the Cubs would consider trading Christopher Morel to the Rays straight-up for Tyler Glasnow, yet Morel’s name has apparently surfaced in talks between the two teams. That only makes sense if it’s either a matter of the Rays simply asking for Morel just because or if the trade is expanding to include more players. The Rays seem likely to move Manuel Margot and are reportedly willing to discuss Randy Arozarena, then there’s also Brandon Lowe to consider.

All we’re going off of at this moment is a tweet from Bob Nightengale, so make of that what you will. If the Cubs have indeed fallen behind in the Shohei Ohtani race, it’s very likely they’ll pivot quickly to other options. Since Glasnow was already in the picture and would have been more of a complementary piece to a much bigger acquisition, it feels like there’d have to be more involved here.

Then again, it could just be a big ol’ nothingburger.

Rhys Hoskins isn’t an Ohtani fallback either, but the Cubs might feel a little more urgency to make something happen just the same. The two parties have been connected for a while now and Jon Morosi reported Tuesday that they’ve discussed one-year and multiyear options. The former would be a better way for Hoskins to build his value following a season lost to ACL reconstruction, though perhaps he’d prefer a little more security.

We’ve also heard Cody Bellinger‘s name surfacing a bit more of late, so that’s something to monitor as the Ohtani situation wraps up. The pace could pick up pretty soon, though that’s kind of a given in light of the current slog.

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