Andre Dawson Asks HOF to Change Plaque to Cubs Hat

Andre Dawson didn’t have a choice as to what cap he would be wearing in his Hall of Fame plaque. Though the 2010 inductee played a majority of his career with the Montreal Expos, he said at the time that his preference was to go in as a Cub. The Hall had other ideas, however, and immortalized him with an Expos cap against his wishes. Not that they had consulted him about it, of course.

Now, after more than a decade of internal struggle, the Hawk is hoping Cooperstown is willing to honor a unique request to change his plaque.

“I just felt my preference all along was as a Cub, despite playing (11) years in Montreal,” Dawson told the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan. “I had my reasons, and I think that should’ve been something we sat down and discussed. It’s hard for stuff to bother me, to a degree. But this has toyed with me over the years for the simple reason that I was approached with the (announcement) that was going to be released to the press that I was going to wear an Expos emblem.

“I didn’t agree with it at the time. But for me, getting into the Hall was the most important thing. Over time, I’ve thought about it more and came to the (conclusion) I should have had some say-so … I personally feel my mission, for the rest of my life going forward if that’s what it takes, is to right a wrong.”

There’s not much else to say about this without biting what Sullivan wrote on it, so I’ll just add that this is yet another example of the Hall losing credibility. The voting process has gotten so jacked up that they’ve had to create several committees to get worthy players inducted, but this is a whole ‘nother matter. While I doubt anything will change here, I love the way the legend is approaching it.

“I realize there will probably be some backlash, but at this point I’m 70 years old,” Dawson said. “Do you think I really care?”

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