Hypothetically Speaking, Cubs Could Use Christopher Morel as ‘Centerpiece’ in Pete Alonso Trade

There’s not much substance to this one, so we’ll cover it quickly now that it’s starting to make the rounds. After discussing the Cubs’ potential pursuit of Shohei Ohtani, ESPN’s Jesse Rogers touched on the idea of trading Christopher Morel for an All-Star slugger. But instead of rehashing all the Juan Soto business, Rogers mentioned a possible deal with the Mets for Pete Alonso.

This is all predicated on the notion that the Mets would be willing to deal Alonso, an outcome they’ve strongly denied, at which point the Cubs “could be a fit.” The idea of Morel being the “centerpiece player in return” comes from “sources familiar with [the Cubs’] thinking,” so feel free to make of all that what you will. The best part of this to me is how Mets fans think this isn’t nearly enough and that they’d need to get like 2-3 more top prospects to make it work.

Folks, five years of Morel is worth a whole lot in trade, particularly when the return is one year of a hitter who’s not close to the same quality as Soto. This all lines up because of the talk about having Morel work out at first base, something that looks as much like a possible showcase as a way to find the young slugger a regular spot in the field. It could also help the Cubs determine the best course of action for the winter.

We’ve heard Soto and Alonso talk for a while now, then there’s the Rhys Hoskins speculation to consider. As with any of the reports you read this time of year, take everything with a big grain of salt and put it all in proper context.

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