Ranter Roundtable Live Monday Night

Live at 7PM CT

Join an All-Star Cast of the best brains in the baseball biz!


David Kaplan, Bleacher Nation’s Michael Cerami and Luis Medina, Fly the W’s Crawly, Cuppa Cubbie Blue’s Sara Sanchez, Cubs Insider’s Evan Altman, Swerski’s Alex Patt, CHGO’s Cody Delmendo, Comedians: Joe Kilgallon, Billy Devore, Eric Wielo and Zach Funk, Poet Sandra Marchetti, Cubs PS +’s Mike Waller and Club 400’s Stewart McVicar. With the Son Ranto Show Crew, Danny RockettMichael Cotton and Infield Fly Girl.

Monday Night October 2, Live at 7PM on X, Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.

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