Quantifying Hope Quick Hit: Cubs Above 32% Postseason Odds

The Cubs were at around 20% playoff odds prior to Friday’s win in St. Louis, roughly twice where they’d been two weeks prior. With two more wins and some losses by both the Brewers and Reds, the Cubs’ odds have swelled by more than 50% since then. As they head into the series finale with the Cards, Jed Hoyer’s team has a projected 32.3% chance to play more than 162 games.

This is the highest they’ve been since the odds stood at 32.4% on April 21 and they’re higher than the Reds for the first time since June 27. What’s kinda wild is that the Brewers, who are only half a game ahead of the Reds as of this writing, are still way up there at 69% odds. That could shift dramatically over the next few days if things continue along current trend lines.

Time for Hoyer to do some shopping.

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