Quantifying Hope: Win Streak Skyrockets Cubs to Nearly 21% Odds

When last we checked on the Cubs’ postseason odds, they were at 10% and sat seven games out of the division lead. What’s more, they were just 4.5 games ahead of the last-place Cardinals. Heading into Friday’s action, however, the Cubs have climbed to 5.5 behind the Brewers and six ahead of both the Cards and Pirates. Their active six-game win streak puts them back at the .500 mark and has more than doubled their predicted playoff shot, though 20.7% still puts them well behind the Reds.

That gap could close in a hurry if the Cubs are able to keep beating the Cardinals in St. Louis and Cincinnati struggles against the Dodgers. The Brewers are in Atlanta to face the best team in baseball, so things could look a whole lot different by the close of the weekend. And Monday sees the Reds coming to Wrigley for three games spanning the trade deadline.

We said earlier in the week that this stretch of six games against the White Sox and Cardinals might determine what the Cubs do, and they’ve now won the first three of those. Now they have the chance to put themselves in a position where they go from being possible buyers to looking like a downright dangerous unit. You’re up, Jed.

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