David Ross Salty Despite W Because ‘Lot of Bulls–t’ Happened, Calls Closing Roof ‘Horses–t’

It’s July 4 and many of you are probably preparing to watch some fireworks, but the Cubs put on their own show earlier in the evening. After blowing yet another lead and going to extras against the Brewers, they ended up pulling off some incredible double plays to help them win. David Ross and Mike Napoli weren’t around to see it live, however, as they had been kicked out for arguing some of home plate umpire Erich Bacchus’s terrible calls.

This wasn’t the first time Bacchus has drawn the ire of Ross and Co. either. Hey, you can’t spell Bacchus without BS. It wasn’t just balls and strikes sticking in his craw, as the Brewers caught a huge break on a “double” by William Contreras that happened because of a blatant interference that wasn’t called.

Then there was the matter of the roof being closed mid-game, which effectively changes the entire nature of the contest. Craig Counsell is probably still bitching about the Cubs calling a game due to rain when the weather ended up being nice, but that’s a different story. I can only imagine how pissed Ross would have been had the outcome not gone in his favor, but he was still plenty heated when he spoke with the media.

“I’m trying to balance the emotions and continue to have these guys execute and have good at-bats, and it just wasn’t very good,” Ross said of the umpiring. “We made that known and some guys were starting to get frustrated, and I know it’s not an easy job, but some of the pitches that got called today weren’t even close. It’s gotta be better.

“They’re closing the roof to get rid of the shadows late, it’s a lot of bullshit that went on today that was just really frustrating.”

Yeah, can you talk a little more about the roof situation?

“I fuckin’ thought it was horseshit, I don’t fuckin’ know,” Ross quipped.

Thankfully for Ross and the Cubs, Ian Happ ended up getting outfield assists in the 10th and 11th innings, becoming the first outfielder with two assists in extras since Endy Chavez did so for the Giants in 2006. Happ’s accomplishment may be even more impressive because he was cutting down Manfred Men. Also aiding the Cubs’ cause was rookie Daniel Palencia, who picked up the win by riding his big fastball to two scoreless innings.

It would be disingenuous to say this one felt as good as Monday’s was bad because that loss was probably the worst of the season, but this was still a whole lot of fun. The incredible defensive plays alone were worth the cost of admission, though it would have been better had the Cubs been able to win sans acrobatics.

In the end, it was nice to put the Brewers in their place for at least a day.

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