Cubs Announce Baseball Ops Promotions

The Cubs have announced baseball operations promotions heading into the 2023 season.

Craig Breslow has been promoted to Assistant General Manager/Senior Vice President, Pitching and enters his fifth season with the organization. He joined the team in 2019 as Director of Strategic Initiatives and was elevated to Director of Pitching/Special Assistant to the President and GM before he was promoted to Assistant General Manager/Vice President, Pitching heading into 2022. Breslow pitched 12 seasons (2005-06, 2008-17) and made 576 appearances with seven clubs, including a 2013 World Championship with Boston. He graduated in 2002 from Yale University with a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry.

Greg Davey begins his first full season as Vice President, Baseball Operations. He was promoted to Director, Baseball Operations in November of 2020 following time as Assistant Director, Baseball Operations. Davey joined the Cubs Baseball Operations department in the 2013-14 offseason after he earned his economics degree from Harvard University in 2013.

Chris Jones has been elevated to Senior Director, Baseball Analytics after serving as Director, Research and Development in 2022. He joined the Cubs Research and Development department in April of 2014. Jones received his Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics from Claremont McKenna College in 2006 and his Master of Arts, Economics from Northwestern University in 2009.

Garrett Chiado has been named Director, Pro Strategy after serving as Director, Pro Analytics last year. He joined the Cubs Research and Development group in 2016, and previously was Senior Player Evaluation Analyst, Research and Development. He earned a B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Penn State University in 2010 and his Master of Science in Sports Management from Florida State University in 2014.

Jacob Eisenberg has been promoted to Director, Baseball Sciences after being named Assistant Director, Research and Development/Performance Science in 2022. He joined the Cubs Research and Development department in 2017 after he graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Engineering, Operations Research and Financial Engineering in 2016.

Bobby Basham will take on the role of Director, Baseball Innovation after he served as Special Assistant, Innovation in 2022. Basham joined the Cubs in 2012, starting as the Advance Scouting Coordinator. A former right-handed pitcher in the Reds and Padres farm systems from 2001-07, he received his M.B.A. from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management in 2010.

Meghan Jones has been promoted to Director, Baseball Operations – Administration and Strategy after she served as Assistant Director, Baseball Operations Administration and Strategic Initiatives. Jones joined the club in August of 2016 as Executive Assistant to the President and General Manager of Baseball Operations. She earned her B.S. in Psychology, Marketing in 2013 from Loyola University Chicago and received her Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University in 2021.

Kyle Chin has been elevated to Assistant Director, Baseball Technology after serving as Manager, Baseball Systems and Technology. He joined the organization in 2018 as Software Developer, Baseball Operations and was named Manager, Baseball Systems and Technology in the 2021-22 offseason. Chin graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Eli Shayer has been promoted to Assistant Director, Baseball Systems following one season as Senior Software Engineer/Analyst, Research and Development. He joined the Cubs in June of 2016 as a Research and Development Intern. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical and Computational Science from Stanford University in 2018, the same year he completed his Master’s Degree in Statistics.

In addition to the changes above, Jasmine Horan has been elevated to Manager, Baseball Operations; Terri Osters has been promoted to Coordinator, Family Relations; Duncan Wallis has been promoted to Assistant, Baseball Operations; Bryan Guo has been named Assistant, Player Development; and Norberto Ramos has been promoted to Assistant, Arizona Operations.

In Research and Development, Troy Mulholland has been promoted to Senior Analyst, Baseball Analytics; Shingo Murata has been elevated to Senior Software Engineer, Baseball Systems; Brian Guo has been promoted to Software Engineer, Baseball Systems; and John Abbott has been named Baseball Scientist.

In Scouting, Max Brill has been named Pro Scouting Analyst; Trey Forkerway has been elevated to Regional Supervisor, Scouting; and Alex McClure has been named Professional Scout/Assistant, Player Development.

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