Watch: Bellinger Makes Loud Noise Against Smyly in Live BP

If your first instinct is to say, “It’s only BP,” I suggest you stifle it because the sound of this Cody Bellinger opposite-field homer against Drew Smyly in live BP Thursday is beautiful. That sharp report is more than just a lucky swing, it’s a faint sign that Bellinger might be for real after a season in which he posted a paltry 63 wRC+ against southpaws.

That 2022 performance was about five times better than in ’21, when he had a wRC+ of 12 against lefties. Bellinger tuned up lefties for a 149 wRC+ in his 2019 MVP campaign and this looks like the same sort of confident, explosive swing he displayed back then. I know a lot of you will take nothing from this and think I’m overreacting, but I’m truly excited about what this dude can do.

Wait, what if this actually means Smyly just sucks?

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