I Know It’s Only BP for Cody Bellinger, But I Like It

If we projected production based on BP swings alone, everyone would put up seasons like the one Aaron Judge just experienced. Well, I guess not everyone would have the benefit of the league supplying livelier baseballs for their games, but you get the point. Even with all that in mind, it’s hard not to feel a little spark of hope when you see Cody Bellinger launching homers with an effortless swing that appears to be a little shorter than in the past.

The Cubs have more or less allowed the former MVP to guide his own path this offseason, offering some input and then backing away to ensure maximum comfort and confidence. Bellinger has been working with hitting coach Dustin Kelly, who he knows from their Dodgers days, and the center fielder is fully healthy for the first time in years after dealing with shoulder issues and a fractured leg.

It’s not at all a stretch to think Bellinger could put up 2.5-3.0 fWAR this season with regular playing time and an improved plate approach. I really believe it all comes down to him feeling good and trusting his body to be able to go full-tilt after struggling through those injuries and uncertainty. At the very least, this is something we can feel good about while we wait for spring training to get started.

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