Dansby Swanson at Introductory Press Conference: ‘Everybody Knows Cubs Fans are the Best in Baseball’

The Cubs issued a press release this morning to officially announce the signing of shortstop Dansby Swanson. Shortly thereafter, they held a press conference full of all the signing formalities including placing a Cubs jersey on him with the number seven.

It’s clear that Swanson has placed a priority on winning and made that a key point when he met with teams during his free agency. Both he and Jed Hoyer commented on conversations they had with each other about the importance of winning and what the Cubs’ plan to win is. Now if only they’d let us bloggers in on the plan.

Swanson went on to tell a story about how his grandfather’s health took a turn for the worse on the day after his wedding. His grandpa was a Cubs fan and it was a really genuinely touching story.

Here are a few more tweets of interest recapping the press conference today.

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