Cubs Reportedly ‘Well Down the Road’ with Carlos Correa

The Cubs got off to something of a slow start this offseason, but it’s starting to feel like their little snowball is on the verge of becoming an avalanche here soon. Based on recent developments with Aaron Judge, Jed Hoyer and Co. might need to go big in a hurry if they want to land a shortstop. While multiple outlets were indicating Tuesday night that Dansby Swanson might be next, Gordon Wittenmyer of NBC Sports Chicago has been steadfast in his reporting that Carlos Correa is the target.

That includes a piece from Wednesday morning in which he says the Cubs are “as deeply involved” with Correa as any team, adding that talks are “well down the road.” The Judge verdict could throw a wrench in the works, however, as his decision to spurn San Francisco and San Diego to remain in New York for nine years and $360 million could have those West Coast teams looking to make a reactionary splash.

The Padres, who offered Trea Turner more than $341 million prior to his decision to take just $300 million with the Phillies, have now taken two huge swings and missed on both. Despite having well over half a billion already committed to the left side of the infield, their displeasure with Fernando Tatis Jr.‘s shenanigans and the inability to overtake the Dodgers might lead to a much bigger payroll.

The Giants may also see the need for star power, though it seems like a big play for Brandon Nimmo might make more sense for their roster. Either way, the Cubs aren’t really in a position where they can sit back and wait. So whether it’s Correa, Swanson, or Xander Bogaerts — or two of those three — they should think about pouncing quickly.

“Whether or not we’re going to get one of those shortstops, TBD,” Cubs GM Carter Hawkins said Tuesday. “But we’re certainly actively involved and we’ll see where everything lands.”

Between all the talk and the confirmed reports that Tom Ricketts does want to bang the money drum more loudly, it’s feeling like we could get some big news on Wednesday.

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