Cubs Listed ‘Among Teams to Watch’ in Jameson Taillon Market

This is a topic we’ve covered to some extent already, so I’ll spare you all the additional context by directing you here and here if you haven’t maintained an exhaustive catalog of all my posts. The Cubs have been mentioned in connection with Jameson Taillon more than once and now’s Mark Feinsand is listing them “among the teams to watch” in a market that is deep, like the mind of Minolta.

The Mets reportedly made an offer to Taillon late last week, but it may not be what he’s looking for because they just signed Justin Verlander for around $86 million over two years. The Phillies have shown a desire to spend what it takes to win and it makes a lot of sense for them to add mid-rotation depth with Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler at the top. Feinsand also lists the Orioles, who might actually be ready to grow their egregiously low payroll after a surprise season.

It’s been a while since anyone could say the Orioles had a better immediate outlook than the Cubs, but the combination of young stars and what should be an incredible amount of payroll flexibility makes them a legit player. The Mets and Phils have a recent track record of both spending and winning, even if the former organization also trips over its own dick with a frequency that only Sideshow Bob and a bunch of rakes can match.

With only Carlos Rodon remaining from among the top three starters on the market, expect the middle tier to start moving soon.

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