Nico Hoerner Meeting with Doctors Following Triceps MRI

Nico Hoerner left last Sunday’s game against the Giants with a triceps issue and hasn’t played since, though there was hope that he’d be back this weekend. That optimism dissipated quickly with the news that Hoerner will be meeting with doctors Friday to go over the results of a Thursday MRI. While it’s possible this is nothing more than a routine discussion, it sounds more like a situation in which the shortstop will be given treatment options.

And I’m not talking about a choice between naproxen sodium and ibuprofen, or applying a heated rice pack and taking an Epsom salt bath. If the imaging showed no structural damage, that’s the news we’d be getting. This more nebulous blurb leads me to believe Hoerner might even be looking at surgery. At the very least, it feels pretty certain he’ll be shut down given the point in the season.

Keep your fingers crossed and let’s all hope my take is an overreaction. After all, Hoerner did a little throwing and BP Wednesday and was considered day-to-day as of an earlier report Friday.

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