Reliever Codi Heuer Already Throwing Again 6 Months After TJ Surgery

Cubs reliever Codi Heuer has missed the entire season following Tommy John elbow reconstruction back in March, but it looks as though his rehab is going quite well. He recently shared a short video on his Instagram page in which he’s participating in light throwing exercises just six months after surgery. Assuming all goes well with his rehab process, it’s possible he could participate in spring training and be ready near the start of the 2023 season.

Heuer had been in line for a big role in the bullpen this season after coming over from the White Sox along with Nick Madrigal in the Craig Kimbrel trade. The righty reliever had worked out some issues with his sinker and was planning to work on a four-seam grip to give his fastball more differentiation, but the elbow injury put a halt to that.

Getting him back for a majority of next season will be almost like picking up a free agent at no additional cost, which gives the front office a little more flexibility. As difficult as it may be for many of you to envision it now, the Cubs could have a very strong relief corps next season and in the years to come as their young pitchers come up and start to shove.

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