Watch: Mash Mervis Hits HR Over a Freaking Roof

Apologies for being many hours late on posting this, but I was at an epic concert last night and it was after midnight before I saw the clip. My ears are still ringing a little bit, which is probably how the folks within the blast radius of the shot below feel this morning. Though the view from the center field camera is too dark to provide a great image of the hit itself, you can tell right away that Mash Mervis got all of this one.

That becomes even more obvious when the ball bounces off the roof of what I assume is an apartment building situated just beyond the right field wall in Columbus. That’s the 28th homer of the year for Mervis, who leads the entire organization with 102 RsBI.

I’ll note again that I don’t want to take credit for any of this, but it should be pointed out that Mervis was hitting .253 with a .779 OPS and three home runs at Iowa prior to my me and my son showing up with our M*A*S*H MERVIS shirts. He has since gone 14-for-32 (.438) with four homers and I’m too lazy to calculate the specific OPS, but it’s risen to .951 overall with Iowa.

And about those shirts…well, I’ll share more on those at an appropriate time.

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