Cubs DFA Andrelton Simmons

The Cubs reinstated Andrelton Simmons from the IL Saturday morning and then immediately designated him for assignment. Assuming he chooses not to play in the minors, this ends an ill-fated tenure that lasted longer than it should have. Signed as a defensive backup, Simmons fought through a bum shoulder in camp that lingered into the season and helped ensure his glove could never come close to making up for his bat.

In 85 plate appearances this season, the 32-year-old batted .173 with a .431 OPS, and a 25 wRC+ that worked out to -0.4 fWAR. Having a contact bat doesn’t do much good when none of the contact comes close to doing damage. Simmons was never supposed to be an answer, but he ended up being a huge question.

At least now we know When? even if the Why? will remain somewhat open.

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