Seiya Suzuki Leaves Game in 6th Inning Due to Ankle Injury (Video)

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, I believe that’s the saying. For the Cubs, that’s never been more true. Even as Kyle Hendricks is throwing a gem in San Diego with a four-run lead, something was bound to break bad in the direction of the Cubs.

Sure enough, Seiya Suzuki exited tonight’s game in the 6th inning after landing awkwardly on his right ankle. Suzuki was hustling down the line in the top of the 5th trying to beat out a double play. You can see a video of the play below. It looks like his foot compresses just a little bit into the ankle, like a really hard landing.

It’s being called ‘right ankle soreness,’ which I suppose is the terminology used when you hope it’s not something more serious.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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