John Baker Day Talks: Doug Glanville Joins for Conversation About Race and Baseball

Before the 2020 season had even been implemented by Rob Manfred, I asked Cubs mental skills coordinator John Baker what he wanted to do about the 5th Annual John Baker Day. Without hesitation, he said “Black Lives Matter.” That response began a series of conversations with John himself and other Cubs bloggers and podcasters as to how we could use the platforms we have to raise up the voices and the issues people of color face in this country, while also raising money for organizations that work to solve these issues.

The most recent conversation actually began last year in the green room of NBC Sports Chicago, where I got to know Doug Glanville, a man of many talents and interests. Cubs fans know him best as a former MLB player and current baseball analyst. But Glanville is also a writer, college professor, New York Times op-ed columnist, Hamilton enthusiast, and Hall and Oates fanboy.

While the Cubs games were taking place, Doug and I would stand around backstage talking about The 7 Years War, (French-Indian in your US History Books) and how it related to the arming of the revolutionary colonists. In short, I find Mr. Glanville the most interesting man at the party.

Last week, we talked to Bob Kendrick of The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (check their gift shop) and discovered the rich and often hidden history of Chicago baseball played before integration. Now we continue that conversation with Doug Glanville, John Baker, LaVonte Stewart of Lost Boyz, Sara Sanchez of Bleed Cubbie Blue), and Corey Fineran from Ivy Envy.

Please share and use whatever platform you have and continue this conversation in whatever way you can at home. You can listen to the audio-only version here.

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