Watch: The Rant Live From Wrigley Field on Ballhawk Corner

The Rant Live started production back on April 9, 2020. When Evan, Danny, and I first talked about the idea of starting a live streaming show our thought was we would do it from outside Wrigley Field after every home game. We’d talk about the game, interview fans leaving the stadium, and have a lot of fun doing it. Then COVID-19 hit.

The pandemic meant there would be no live baseball for a while and that a live streaming show — at least the way we’d envisioned it — wouldn’t be possible.

We did it anyway.

We’ve had some stellar guests on the show, from current players like Ian Miller and Alec Mills, to former players like John Baker and Jon Lieber, to Kris Bryant‘s dad, Mike. Nearly 40 guests in total joined the show and made it something different than we’d ever imagined it would be. You can check out all the episodes on the Cubs Insider YouTube channel.

Today was special though. We finally got to do the show the way we’d originally envisioned, outside of Wrigley Field while baseball activity was happening inside the stadium. It was cool to feel the vibe resonating from around Wrigley while fans milled about waiting for the first ball to fly. Check it out, it was a fun show.

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