Watch: Brennen Davis Hits Monster Dinger Against Fellow Top Prospect Cory Abbott

If I had written last month about the Cubs’ reigning minor league player and pitcher of the year squaring off, it would have read like fanfic. Fast forward to baseball’s early attempts to reopen and I don’t have to write about it because we’ve got video evidence. Brennen Davis plays the role of Mary Sue in this one, taking his cuts in live BP against heralded righty Cory Abbott.

Abbott left one middle-in and Davis did not miss his spot, as evidenced by the very loud noises made by the bat and the spectators. It should come as no surprise that the most vocal among the onlookers was Tyson Miller, who said “It won’t hit Twitter” shortly before he posted it to Twitter.

Abbot was a great sport about it, later posting the slo-mo version…

Then he shared the video from the catcher-cam.

As much as I miss the actual competition of the season, it’s stuff like this that I can’t get enough of. Seeing guys out there having fun and razzing each other a little bit, just enjoying the opportunity to be outside playing the game with and against one another, gives me a great deal of joy.

It’s why I’ve been enjoying my son’s practices and scrimmages so much more lately, though he can’t quite pop one like Davis does here. Yet.

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