Watch: Len Kasper Discusses New Album, Explains Little Things He Misses Most About Baseball

Len Kasper should already be well into his 16th season as the Cubs’ television play-by-play voice, a mark that would have brought him even with Harry Caray. Kasper has done his work for a number of different entities over the past few years, but that was going to change with Marquee in 2020. He was looking forward to the increased uniformity, which included his continued partnership with Jim Deshaies, but that’s not was Kasper told The Rant he misses most.

He also discussed his love of music, something that is on full display during most broadcasts, and his forthcoming album. The 45 is a post-punk/new-wave quintet founded by Kasper, a passion project he said he felt compelled to bring to life before he got too old and realized it was too late. That’s maybe oversimplifying it, so watch for yourself and find out more.

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