Watch: Gordon Wittenmyer Joins ‘The Rant’ to Talk Mount St. Helens, Newspaper Industry, MLB’s Revenue Claims

Gordon Wittenmyer has been on the Cubs’ beat for a long time, but he’s been covering sports for far longer. After a lengthy stint with the Chicago Sun-Times, Wittenmyer recently joined NBC Sports Chicago in a move at least partially spurred by the rapid erosion of the newspaper industry. He’s also a Washington native who used to spend time swimming in the shadow of Mount St. Helens, so his appearance on the 40th anniversary of its eruption gave him a chance to reminisce on those bygone days.

Much of the latter portion of the conversation centered around MLB’s return to action, particularly the financial terms put forth by the league. We also discussed Tom Ricketts’ claim that 70% of the Cubs’ revenue comes via gameday activity, which Wittenmyer put in perspective as clearly as anyone has to to this point.

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