Watch: Smokies Broadcaster Mick Gillispie Joins ‘The Rant’ to Talk MiLB Development, Empty Ballparks, Beer Tasting

Mick Gillispie isn’t used to sitting still this long. Best known to Cubs fans for his work on the team’s spring training broadcast, he’s earned awards for his work with the Tennessee Smokies as well. When he’s not doing baseball games, Gillispie works with the SEC Network on multiple sports and even calls high school games. Baseball is his passion, but the guy is always hustling in the offseason.

That hustle has been brought to a forced stop for a while, but he’s staying loose by hosting a live Facebook chat called “Beer with Mick.” Gillispie joined “The Rant” to talk about that new hobby, along with a lot more on calling ballgames and what he loves about minor league baseball.

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