Cubs’ London Series Games Against Cardinals Reportedly Cancelled

According to a report by The Sun’s John Hutchinson, this summer’s London Series between the Cubs and Cardinals has been cancelled. Even before news that MLB was targeting an early June return, the U.K.’s muted response to the coronavirus pandemic made it pretty clear there wouldn’t be baseball at London Stadium on June 13 and 14.

MLB has yet to formally announce the cancellation, but it’s likely we’ll hear more once owners ratify the agreement for how the 2020 season will proceed. As obvious as this has been for some time now, it’s really disappointing to hear about it happening for certain.

The hope is that MLB can extend what had been a two-year agreement with West Ham’s home stadium, perhaps with the Cubs and Cards returning next season. Or maybe that’s just my hope, since I had a flight and tickets to both games. Ugh, this sucks.

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