6 Baseball Docs to Watch While You’re Stuck at Home

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health advisories and service shutdowns have forced people around the world to work remotely and avoid large gatherings. Sports fans across North America have little to watch while quarantined or practicing “social distancing” in their homes, as the NBA, NHL, MLS and MLB have all suspended competition indefinitely.

That means now is a great time to catch up on or re-watch a few baseball documentaries. Below are six suggestions, including some Cubs-related pictures, all of which are available on various streaming platforms or other services available in your area.

1. Fastball (2016)

Baseball legends and scientists discuss the art and science of the heater and seek to answer the question of who threw the fastest pitch ever. (Spoiler: It’s not who you think!) Available on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

2. No No: A Dockumentary (2014)

This film explores the life of former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis, who is known for throwing a no-hitter while “under the influence of LSD” and was also a teammate of baseball legend Roberto Clemente. Available on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

3. Screwball (2018)

A “true-crime dramedy” about the Biogenesis PED scandal, which famously ended in the lengthy suspension of Alex Rodríguez, with narration from key players Tony Bosch and Porter Fischer. Be warned that the film relies on a device of using child actors to portray the events while lip-syncing Bosch and Fischer. I personally found this off-putting, but it was worth hearing the story from the people involved, all of whom are terrible humans. Available on Netflix.

If you are interested in learning further about the Biogenesis scandal, I recommend reading the book Baseball Cop by Eddie Dominguez. It adds additional context from the viewpoint of a former MLB investigator, who portrays the principals, especially Fischer, in a less favorable light than the film.

4. Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story (2018)

The story of former Yankee Chien-Ming Wang‘s journey in the majors after suffering a devastating injury. Available on Netflix and Google Play.

5. This Old Cub (2004)

Jeff Santo’s tribute to his father, Cubs legend Ron Santo. Available on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

6. 2016 World Series Champions: Chicago Cubs (2016)

People tend to forget the result, but we know how this one ends…

This is the official MLB film of the Cubs’ run to the piece of metal known as the Commissioner’s Trophy, including highlights and interviews with the stars. Available on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

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