Fergie Jenkins Using Cameo to Raise Money for Workers Impacted by MLB Stoppage

MLB’s decision to suspend all activities indefinitely was made in the interest of long-term public health, but there some more immediate ramifications for the people who make a living in and around the ballparks. That of course includes Sloan Park and Wrigley Field, where scores of employees now find themselves out of work for the foreseeable future.

Cubs great Fergie Jenkins has joined the ranks of current and former athletes pledging their support, and there’s a way for you to benefit in the process. The Hall of Fame pitcher will be donating all the money generated by his Cameo videos over the next week to workers impacted by the stoppage, so click that link and order a personalized message for yourself or another Cubs fan. Or maybe a Rangers fan, if that’s how you roll. Heck, even Phillies and Red Sox fans are welcome.

If you’re not familiar with Cameo, it’s a service that allows people to request video greetings from their favorite athletes and celebrities. I’ve used it to create birthday and get-well wishes for my daughter from Foot Network stars Aarti Sequeira and Damaris Phillips, and I even got my wife a video from Lance Bass of NSYNC. For just $50, you can get a video from Fergie Jenkins while also helping folks who are out of work for the next several weeks.

I just ordered one for my son and I’ll try to remember to share that once it comes in. Check out Fergie’s announcement below and visit his Cameo page to order your own video.

This is really an awesome gesture and I’m happy to be able to boost the signal on it to whatever small degree I can.

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