Top 5 Cubs Bat Flips of 2019

It’s been a slow offseason for the Cubs so far, with nearly all the rumors revolving around players they’re going to trade away. The solid news hasn’t been much sunnier, with minor-league deals and Marquee carriage agreements driving the conversation.

With that thought in mind, I decided to inject a little much-needed fun into the winter by ranking the Cubs’ best bat flips of 2019. Fair warning to all those who respect the unwritten rules of baseball, because they are about to be broken repeatedly.

Before we begin, a couple of notes: This list is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cubs Insider or its staff. If you have your own favorite flips I didn’t mention, feel free to comment about them. Sara Sanchez of Bleed Cubbie Blue has her own bat flip list, so check that out as well if you’ve got a few extra moments.

5. David Bote (April 27 @ Diamondbacks): Bote had one of the most epic of bat flips ever after his walk-off grand slam against the Nationals in 2018. This one came after hitting a very nice 469 foot tank off of former Cubs farmhand Zack Godley. It’s a classic power bat drop, although not the best one from a Chicago hitter this season.

4. Victor Caratini (August 29 @ Mets): Caratini had his own all-time pimp job on a grand slam against the Nats in 2018. While not as impressive as that, his pose on the second of two homers off of Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom makes the list. Note the casual bat drop combined with the admiring stare down.

3. Javy Báez (April 24 vs Dodgers): Javy is one of the most fun players in the game so he had to find a place on the list. I was tempted to go with his revenge homer in Colorado after his teammates got hit by pitches, but that game was a blowout. Instead, I’m going with this game-tying shot against Dodgers ace Walker Buehler. It features El Mago’s typical homer pose, but it’s his waving goodbye to the ball that really puts it over the top.

2. Nicholas Castellanos (August 30 vs Brewers): In a pretty big upset, I don’t have this as my top flip of the year. Big Stick Nick’s second homer in as many innings against Chase Anderson ended with a first-of-it’s-kind bat spike. While I appreciate the originality of the spike, there was one celebration I enjoyed even more than this one.

1. Willson Contreras (May 11 vs Brewers): This wasn’t the bat flip that almost started a fight with Tyler Flowers, it’s the one that walked off the hated Brewers in the 15th inning. I feel it’s the most aesthetically pleasing bat flip of the 2019 season thanks to the the full spin before the flip. The fact it followed a game winner also increases it’s value in my opinion.


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