MLB Releases Awesome New Cubs Jerseys for Upcoming Little League Classic

Major League Baseball has come up with some pretty sweet new jerseys for the upcoming Little League Classic and you may wanna grab one while they’re still available.

The Little League World Series is just around the corner, with regionals currently underway for teams in the United States and the big tourney running from August 15-25. This year, the Cubs will play the Pirates on Sunday, August 18 in what is being billed as the Little League Classic.

The game is played at BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field, which holds 2,366 people. I mean, can you imagine being at that game? How cool would that be to see an MLB game that up-close and personal? Unfortunately, tickets aren’t available to the general public and will be distributed to Little League participants and their families.

The good news is that the game will be broadcast on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. The other good news is that you can still grab one of those cool new jerseys. They also have special “Cubbies” t-shirts if you so desire.

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