Cubs ‘Injury’ Update: Lester Headed in ‘Right Direction’ After Bullpen Session

With Jose Quintana and the Cubs down 6-1 as I type this, I figured you might be in need of a little good news regarding another left-handed starter known for giving up lots of early runs. Okay, he’s only wet the bed a couple times, but Jon Lester’s early exit led to a trip to the DL with an “injury” to his throwing shoulder.

If we’re being honest, the real reason for Lester’s convalescence was a bruised ego or perhaps sprained pride. Whatever the reason for his absence from the active roster, Lester is working to make his way back. He threw 42 pitches, which Joe Maddon says is his number. But that’s not right at all because 31 is his number and 42 was retired across baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson.

Ohhhhh, his number of pitches. Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?

Lester is set to throw a simulated game Monday and the Cubs will take it from there as far as his return goes. Given that this is really more a matter of fatigue and whatnot, it seems unlikely he’ll be out much more than the minimum 10 days. If my fingers are doing an accurate job of counting, that could put him back in the rotation as early as the 28th, which would have been a probable start for him under normal circumstances.

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