Watch: Joe Maddon Talks Ejection, Call on Zobrist ‘Asinine’

With the Cubs trying to stave off what would have been a devastating loss to the Reds, Ben Zobrist appeared to be hit by a pitch while rescinding a sacrifice bunt attempt. However, first base umpire Chris Conroy ruled that Zobrist had offered at the pitch, sending the Cubs veteran back to the plate with two strikes.

Joe Maddon was…less than thrilled with Conroy’s decision. Maddon came out of the dugout as hot as we have seen him in a Cubs uniform and was promptly ejected from the game.

Take a look for yourself. Did Zobrist attempt a bunt there?

After the game, the manager was still fired up, and he didn’t mince words in expressing his displeasure with a call that certainly could have cost the Cubs the game.

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