Cubs Injury Update: Contreras Officially Diagnosed with Moderate Hamstring Strain

Yesterday’s unofficial word that Willson Contereras would miss at least two weeks and perhaps more than a month has been confirmed and clarified by the Cubs. The official diagnosis is that the catcher/left fielder/first baseman has a moderate hamstring strain, the recovery from which generally takes four to six weeks.

As Sahadev Sharma tweeted, Contreras will be more or less shut down until he’s pain-free, at which point the rehab process can begin in earnest and a timetable for his return can be reevaluated. This isn’t an injury that he can just play through, and a hasty return could easily result in further aggravation, which would be somewhat undesirable.

So it sounds like an early September return is possible, with mid-month a more likely scenario. Time to put in work, everyone not named Willson Contreras.

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