Watch: Willson Contreras Exits with Apparent Hamstring Injury (Fingers Crossed)

Willson Contreras pulled up lame while trying to beat out a grounder in the 8th inning, eventually requiring assistance to make it off the field. It was pretty obviously a hamstring injury, though the severity is not known at this point. Even a relatively mild strain can keep someone out for a couple weeks and a more serious pull or tear can require 6-8 weeks on the shelf. Which puts us into October. Ugh.

I don’t want to speculate, but this did not look like the kind of deal that you rub down with Tiger Balm, wrap an ace bandage on, and call it a day. And when you’re talking about a guy whose athleticism is such a big part of his game, the Cubs can’t take any chances. While you’d rather it didn’t come to this, the move for Alex Avila is looking really good right now.

Man, the timing of this is just…poop.

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