Cubs Quick Hits: Worrying About Wade Davis’s Walk Rate

I hate that I’m writing this post. I hate that you have to read this post. But I have to write it because my anxiety won’t let me hold it in and I’m guessing many of you will be compelled to read for the same reason.

Wade Davis has been walking nearly as many batters as Carl Edwards Jr. Like his sometime setup man, Davis walked eight batters per nine innings in July (8.18 BB/9 since July 5). Unlike the young righty, however, the closer’s performances haven’t been underneath as powerful a microscope and fans aren’t calling for his demotion.

Make no mistake, Davis has been phenomenal this year in total. He’s going to be near the top of the Cubs’ single-season saves list by the end of the year, and his ERA and FIP marks could be among the best for a Cubs closer. Except these walks are exacerbating my baseball anxiety. I don’t know how many more 9th innings I can survive with him walking at least one batter nearly every outing.

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