Watch: Jason Heyward Makes Leaping Catch to Rob Ryan Braun of Home Run

With the Cubs down 1-0 in the 3rd inning, Jose Quintana tested Ryan Braun with a fastball that the slugger smashed to deep right. Rather than being popped, the juiced ball was lined for what should have been a sure home run. But, unlike Braun, you should never test Jason Heyward.

The Gold Glove right fielder sprinted toward the wall, extending his left arm to gauge the distance between himself and the wall before leaping and snagging the ball on its way to the bullpen. He had to hold onto it a little longer than normal because the force of the play carried his glove over the wall, but Braun’s ensuing tantrum couldn’t overturn the call.

Initially incredulous in the wake of the phenomenal play, it was nice to see the misunderstood Milwaukeean display a little class by slamming his helmet to the ground and then kicking it. People give Braun a hard time for being something of a living, breathing poop emoji, but throwing a tantrum like this showed how wrong those folks are. This guy is pure class and I’ll brook no truck with anyone who says otherwise.

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