Cubs Quick Hits: Addison Russell Projects as 4+ WAR Player Over Next Four Seasons

Addison Russell produced 3.9 WAR last year as a 22-year-old. Twenty-two. And ZiPS doesn’t see the shortstop slowing down.

Over the next four seasons for which he is under team control, Russell is projected to generate a total of 17.7 WAR. Dave Cameron of FanGraphs ranked Russell as the 40th most valuable player in all of baseball, ahead of the highly touted Xander Bogaerts.

Trade rumor season is upon us, and I’ve seen Cubs fans suggest Russell should be the odd man out of a group full of young positional talent. Personally, I think the chances of him being moved are less than 0.01 percent. Based on his projectability, precedent of success, room for growth, and control, even Chris Archer might not be enough.

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