CI Recap (7/11/17) – NL 1, AL 2: Pitching Dominates Overall, Wade Davis Gives Up Game-Winning Homer

The Midsummer Classic was a pitching-dominated this affair, which really isn’t surprising given how many guys are tossing nasty stuff with high velocity. Most of the game was boring if you’re an offensively minded person. Fans of great pitching, however, would have enjoyed the game as immensely as I did. It was truly a treat to see the best pitchers befuddle the best hitters all night.

Among the other quirks of the game, FOX interviewed Houston’s George Springer while he was playing left field. It was unexpected and I really enjoyed it. The announcers talked to Springer about his positioning and how he saw some balls off the bat just after the plays had happened.

FOX also conducted an interview with fan favorite Bryce Harper in the next inning, which turned into Harper talking to Joe Buck about Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. One of the best moments in the game took place in the top of the 6th when Nelson Cruz came to bat and had Yadier Molina take a picture of him and umpire Joe West, who was working his 5,000th game. It was hilarious, and I bet people will talk about it the rest of the week, and maybe even longer.

I know not everyone will agree, but I think MLB and their broadcast partner did a good job of keeping younger fans in mind when they decided to incorporate all of the things they did. Believe it or not, this was my first time watching the All-Star Game. I thought it was a ton of fun and I will definitely tune in next year.


The American League was able to scratch across a run in the top of the 5th on a perfectly placed Miguel Sano single. He drove in Orioles’ phenom Jonathan Schoop, who was on second.

Jose Ramirez and Yonder Alonso were the only AL players to get on base multiple times. Both of them hit two singles.

Craig Kimbrel pitched a rocky 9th in which he walked two guys and nearly gave the lead away with his inability to control his pitches.


Yadier Molina became the oldest catcher in the history of the All-Star game to homer when he left the yard in the bottom of the 6th off of Ervin Santana. He also sported an awesome gold chest protector and helmet that had people on twitter comparing it to C-3PO and Pure Gold Frieza. It was both awesome and goofy.

Wade Davis came into a tie game in the top of the 10th inning and gave up a go-ahead solo dinger to Robinson Cano. As a Cubs fan, you just knew it was going to happen. At least, I had a feeling it would happen. That being said, it’s an exhibition game that in no way means anything serious.


Cano was named the MVP on the strength of that 10th-inning homer. Without him, the game may still be going on now. Now to find a way to pass the time over the next two baseball-free days.

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