Watch: Andre Dawson Hits Two Dingers in Celeb Softball on 63rd Birthday

So this may have ended up being one of the most prophetic and appropriate tweets of all time:

Lest you were yet unaware, Andre Nolan Dawson is a freaking beast. And my use of “is” instead of “was” was very much intentional.

He now tips the scales at 230 pounds and can rep 295 on the bench press. Oh, and he can still hit dingers, albeit not necessarily off of 95 mph heat. The Cubs legend and Marlins employee was participating in the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball game, where he took two balls way over the short temporary fence. The second nearly cleared the wall in left — like, the actual permanent wall — which is an absolute bomb when you’re talking slow-pitch softball.

Hey, did I mention he’s 63 years old?

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