Watch: Schwarber Talks Adjustments, Possible Promotion

Kyle could be back in Chicago soon.

Tommy Birch has always been a great source for I-Cubs news, but the Des Moines Register mainstay has been invaluable during this latest portion of Kyle Schwarber’s baseball odyssey. In the video below, Birch talks with Iowar Bear about his adjustments and whether they’ll result in a recall soon.

“I don’t know,” Schwarber said when asked about a promotion. “I’m just going to keep showing up to the field until otherwise.”

I had initially thought that Schwarber would spend the remainder of the first half at AAA, but the schedule might be such that he’s back in Chicago in time to light fireworks. Of course, using my neighbors’ standards, that would mean playing games well past midnight starting on June 30.

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