Cubs Quick Hits: Kris Bryant One of League’s Fastest Runners

Ed. note: We held this piece back in the wake of all the Miggy stuff yesterday, but now I can’t decide whether that ended up being good in light of Bryant’s injury or whether our innate ability to influence real-life events with our words somehow backfired.

Kris Bryant does a lot of things well. Running fast is one of them. According to StatCasts’s latest published speed results, the Cubs MVP is the fastest third baseman in MLB at 28.2 feet per second. Here’s the rest of the top-10 leaderboard.

Player Team Pos. Sprint Speed (ft / sec) 
Bryant, Kris CHC 3B 28.2
Escobar, Eduardo MIN 3B 28.0
Ramirez, Jose CLE 3B 28.0
Spangenberg, Cory SD 3B 27.9
Rutledge, Josh BOS 3B 27.9
Castellanos, Nicholas DET 3B 27.8
Nunez, Eduardo SF 3B 27.8
Reyes, Jose NYM 3B 27.6
Camargo, Johan ATL 3B 27.6
Marrero, Deven BOS 3B 27.5
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