Miguel Montero Better at Throwing Under Buses Than Throwing Out at Bases

Washington Nationals baserunners snagged seven bags against Miguel Montero and Jake Arrieta in Tuesday night’s 6-1 loss. Known for being slow to the plate, Arrieta certainly didn’t help Miggy’s efforts. In fact, the vetern backstop didn’t really show an effort on half of the stolen base attempts.

After the game, Montero expressed his frustration to the Chicago media, which was summed up by The Athletic’s Sahadev Sharma.

For the entire Miggy statement, watch the two videos Jesse Rogers posted on ESPN below.

Miggy’s fiery words naturally spawned all manner of hot takes and a quick scroll of Cubs Twitter will reveal some calling for his DFA. While his postgame statements can be perceived in many different ways, the main takeaway is that he is clearly disappointed by the lack of attention his pitchers have paid to the running game.

Still, while he’s not necessarily wrong, perhaps this wasn’t the ideal avenue via which to express his frustration. And such strong words coming from a catcher who has only thrown out three percent of base stealers is sure to make many fans’ eyes roll.

Joe Maddon and players will be asked about this tomorrow, no doubt. Add this to the list of annoying things the Cubs have dealt with as of late.

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